Letters to the Editor, Dec. 22

Christmas At The Marconi


We at Chatham Marconi Maritime Center delayed our usual seasonal hibernation to participate in Chatham’s Christmas Stroll weekend by decorating our “Hotel Nautilus” as it might have appeared at Christmas in the early 1900s.  We wish to thank the volunteers and supporters who generously gave their time and resources to make it possible.  Many visitors came to enjoy their handiwork.  Thank you to co-chairs Jan Whittaker and Barbara Cotnam, and to their volunteers Nancy Alger, Stephanie Bartlett, Dorothy Bassett, Maria Belgrade, Julie and Jim Chapin, John Cotnam, Susan Curcio, Judie and Mike Kent, Donna Maiocca, Stacey Morgano, Midge Nash, Doug Nichols, Sandi Porter, Marge Scheck, Elizabeth and Jack Scheld, Betty and Pieter Schiller, Karen Schwalm, Ethel and Bob Shafter, David Smith, Beth Taylor, Ruth Tichenor, Regina Townsend, Donna Whiting and Ted Whittaker.  Thanks also to supporters Pine Tree Nursery, Agway of Chatham, New England Gardens, the Chatham Candy Manor and Capt. Bob Ryder.

Bob Fishback, vice president
Chatham Marconi Maritime Center

Spreading The Good News

So much of world news today reports on police killing citizens and individuals targeting and killing police officers. We scratch our heads and say, “What is this world coming to?” But in this historic village of Harwich, our own police and fire departments are doing a spectacular job! I’m remembering this past summer when there was armed robbery at The Corner Store in Chatham. Two masked teens from Hyannis held up the store at closing time. Things could have gone terribly wrong, but with the quick coordination of Chatham and Harwich Police Departments, the suspects were swiftly apprehended within minutes of their crime and getaway. As it happened, they were caught very close to my home, and it was done so professionally that I never even heard a thing. I didn’t even know it had happened until I read it in The Chronicle later that week. I believe that kind of action sends a strong message to any other would-be robbers to stay away from this area. Now again, these public servants step up in another way. Not only does one heroic fireman save the life of a woman trapped in a burning building, but the two departments together show up to be the example of good community in a campaign to help families in need. Kudos to these men who braved those freezing temperatures to camp out in Brooks Park last week, setting an example of caring for their community, and in so doing, collected an amazing number of gifts and an impressive amount of money to support the Family Pantry of Cape Cod; evidence of the success of their efforts, showing once again that people do care and giving many the opportunity to contribute. So while the world news says bad, bad, things that do happen in other parts of the world, let us all be grateful to be living and sharing in this community and that, in fact, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” And in our hearts, we all want to keep it that way. And Kudos to you, staff and reporters at The Chronicle who continue to report the good news!

Dorothy Hurford