Letters to the Editor, Dec. 15

Questions Legality Of 'Training' Session


Unbelievable that a member(s) of our board of selectmen, as well as the airport commission, participated Monday in yet another closed meeting not even listed on the town website!

Unbelievable that the FAA would call this so-called “training” meeting at the firehouse (!) to secretly discuss airport “grant assurances,” the underlying issue to do with the skydiving controversy. It appears to be unnecessarily designated “training” to get around the open meeting law.

The closed meeting obviously could have no other result than to bully the selectmen and airport commission to continue supporting something hurtful to Chatham. This at a time when there are hearings and a to-be-scheduled court case on that very subject.

Unbelievable that the selectmen should senselessly spend tens of thousands of our tax dollars to block reputable evidence about the danger and nuisance of skydiving.

All unbelievable—and in defiance of the democratic spirit.

J. Denis Glover



No Transparency In Moorings


Your front page article on Buck Upson’s supposed transgressions for trying to identify a skiff on a beach without identifying himself was certainly very prominent, lengthy and critical.

Why was the assignment of a brand new mooring on Ryder's Cove also not news worthy? As most know many have waited and made annual payments to remain on wait lists for years! In this case not only did a mooring not open up but a new mooring was created for this person who bought a $3 million dollar home and coincidentally the room for this mooring happened to be right in front of this new home!

In 2007 local bylaws were passed requiring timely notification of all mooring allocations. These notifications have not been made and only have been made long after any local appeal can be made by anyone on wait list. An indisputable violation of local law.

So our current evidently acceptable policy is that moorings can be issued whenever, to whomever regardless of being on a wait list or not. Given the intrinsic value of moorings I wonder where the usual suspects are who claim to hold transparency in government as the most essential aspect of good government?

I suppose transparency is only important if it benefits those whom we like or support.

Sean Summers



Time To Protect Freedoms


The shock of the election results are wearing off amid tweets and odd little comments emanating from the president-elect's personal emails wander the airways. His celebration tour gathers shouting crowds to "build the wall" as he appoints cabinet members whose track records are anti-working folks, anti-environment and anti "the little guy." Incredible! A new presidential-crafted federal establishment cabal is being created to help "the middle class" by a president-elect voted in by the same folks who are about to lose benefits and their voice under his cabinet choices. Hard to comprehend!

His boisterous "Road Trip" expositions that encourage screams from his audiences leave many of us older citizens scratching our heads about the psychological balance of the president-elect. Two-thirds of Americans eligible to vote did not vote, or if they did they did not vote for Mr. Trump. What is his victory message? "It's me that won?" Only 30 percent of U.S. voters voted support for him! He won barely!

Build the wall! Excoriate Obama Care! "Make America Great Again." No plan, no strategic or tactical overlay, just political blather, which when challenged gets a tweet from a neo-fascist president-to-be. Is this what the November vote was about? Building a great nation again or creating a new governmental control system exempt from criticism?

Fortunately two marine four-star generals are on the final lists to provide adult supervision to Mr. Trump. Another retired three-star general (Lynch) from the Army should be put out on a psychological discharge. Looney tunes from him and his son.

If there ever were a need for citizen activism and exercise of free speech to challenge the political culture over the horizon during a new presidency, it is now. We are a free people, all 300 million of us. We have the four freedoms under our constitution. No president, no matter how tweetable he is, can infringe upon our basic rights to speak out, to assess, to criticize and to express doubts about his decisions or his tweets. There is a constitutional requirement that he is responsible for the welfare of all citizens regardless of religion, nation of origin, political party or status Let's hold him to that value.

Eschew fascism. Speak out!

God Bless America.

Tom Johnson Sr.

Harwich Port


After Prom Event Needs Your Help


Dear residents, members of the business community, parents and friends:

For the past two decades, residents of Harwich and Chatham, local businesses and neighboring towns have worked together to provide a safe and substance free “All Night After Prom Event” for the students of the high school’s junior class. Many of you have helped previously to make this a successful event and we thank you for your past support. With the joining of Harwich and Chatham as a Monomoy community we have continued this amazing event for the Monomoy Regional High School junior class.

Once again, we are calling on you and the community for your generous support to make this year’s April 7 event for the class of 2018 a success. We know this year’s students are looking forward to a great evening and with your help it will be. There are considerable expenses associated with providing this event. Although the prom is not until April, funds are needed now to secure deposits for entertainment, activities, door prizes, supplies, refreshments and more. We are asking the generous contributors of the past and new benefactors to help support the students of our community with a donation.

If you would like to contribute financially toward the After Prom expenses, your help would be greatly appreciated. We ask that checks be made out to Monomoy Regional School District (MRSD) Activities, with After Prom Committee as the notation. Contributions in the form of gift certificates or items that would appeal to teens also would be greatly appreciated. Door prizes will be given to the students throughout the evening.

Contributions should be sent to the After Prom Planning Committee, Box 1366, Harwich, MA 02645. For any inquiries, please call Nicole Moniz at 774-408-6238 or email nicangel76@hotmail.com.

We would like to thank you in advance for your generous support of our mission to provide a safe and substance free evening for our students. Without your help, this evening would not take place.

Monomoy High School After Prom Planning Committee