Corrine Andrews Moore

Corrine Andrews Moore

Corrine Andrews Moore, 93, of Chatham, passed away Thursday, November 17.  Born in Quincy in 1923, she attended Quincy High School and met her late husband, Donald H. Moore, also of Quincy.  Donald, a veteran of WWII, took up work in Philadelphia, settling in Southern New Jersey to raise their 3 children. They remained in New Jersey until 2000 when they returned to the place she loved, Cape Cod, and took up residence in Chatham.


          Corrine, who always volunteered for nonprofit groups, became involved in her community, working at the Counsel of Aging where she organized bus trips for seniors to many places of interest, including trips into Boston. An avid tennis player, competing at the Senior Olympics at age 75, enjoyed many hours volleying with her new friends in the Chatham area.  The socializing did not end on the tennis courts. She was the party giver always looking for excuses to get old and new friends together.


          Corrine would always put family first and is survived by two of her three children. Seven grandchildren and seven great grandchildren have all shared in the love of "Nana's House" where the echoes of laughter and joy still ring. Her tireless energy and love will be missed by all.


Without you, Mom, we all wouldn't be here.

Rest in peace.