Business: Dr. Cavity's Candy Shack To Be Front And Center In The Port

By: William F. Galvin

Topics: Harwich Port , Business

The gravity of cavities. Peter Hurst, owner of Dr. Gravity's Kite Shop in downtown Harwich Port, will be moving his Dr. Cavity's Candy Shack next door to the former Christian Science Reading Room building, purchased a couple of weeks ago by Main Street HP. See story on page 40. WILLIAM F. GALVIN PHOTO

HARWICH PORT — Dr Gravity's Kite Shop has been a mainstay here for more than 40 years. It will soon be joined by an expanded Dr. Cavity's Candy Shack, to be located in the former First Church of Christ Science building.

The former Christian Scientist building was purchased a couple of weeks ago by Dennis Miller, a resident of Bedford who owns several properties along Route 28 in the village and two condominiums on Sea Street. Miller purchased the building late last month for $230,000.

Peter Hurst, owner of Dr. Gravity's Kite Shop, said on Monday he has entered into a lease with the new owner of the abutting property and will be moving his smaller version of Dr. Cavity's Candy Shack, previously located in a small shed to the rear of the kite shop, to the former Christian Science Reading Room building.

“It's ideal for a candy shop, just the right size,” Hurst said of the adjacent property. “I've had it out back for three years and it did well. But I've decided to move it up front because the other place is too small.”

The shop has a net area of 610 square feet, which Hurst said will serve his plan perfectly. He plans to have a candy bar in the front window where people can make candy tacos and try sushi candy treats and snow cones.

There will be lots of penny candy and saltwater taffy, and in the main body of the building there will be a gourmet fudge facility.

Hurst is excited about the relocation of Dr. Cavity's to the main street. He'll be placing a baseball card and collection shop in the former candy shack space to the rear of his property.

Hurst knows the center of Harwich Port, pointing out he has run his Dr. Gravity business from that location for 43 years. His father before him operated a hardware business in the old building. That building had no heat and no cellar; approximately 15 years ago Hurst had the building torn down and a new one, with a cellar, heat and a second floor apartment, was constructed there.

The plan is also to better utilize the space to the rear of the building, locating a few tables and seats and making it a novelty location where people can have fun. It will be a pretty good spot with a lot of activity, Hurst said. He plans to open Dr. Cavity's Candy Shack on March 15.

Less than two months ago, Miller's company, Main Street HP LLC, also purchased the former Red River Print Shop in the adjacent brick building for $250,000. The Cape Cod Associates Real Estate sign in the front window of the former print shop states the 1,900-square-foot commercial space is for lease.

Miller's company also owns two vacant lots on the south side of Route 28, just west of Bank Street – one close to 30,000 square feet and the other close to 8,000 square feet – along with the Bayside Realty building, which includes the former White's Flowers shop at 571 Route 28.

Efforts to reach Miller for comment on plans for the use of the vacant Red River Print Shop space or his other holding in Harwich Port this week were unsuccessful.