School News, Nov. 10

By: Cape Cod Chronicle

Topics: Monomoy Regional School District , Monomoy Regional High School

Third graders at Chatham Elementary School enjoyed being served by administrators from across the district. Their waitstaff included Superintendent Carpenter, Dr. Blanchard, Mrs. Maguire, Mr. Burkhead, Mr. Hein, Dr. Millen, along with CES staff and PBIS team members, Ms. Caolo, Ms. Ahern, and Ms. Maloney. Thank you to Ms. Karras, Ms. Bicknell, and Ms. Locantore for all your help as well! Shown here is Mr. Burkhead serving a table of students.


Chatham Elementary School

Mrs. Cleary's class was the first fourth grade class to receive Chomper for filling up their SHARK tank, demonstrating great shark-like behavior by following directions, staying on task, being kind to others and working well with peers in small groups. This week Chomper has participated in multiplication sweets, estimation, reading groups with tall tales and understanding characters and choosing distinct main ideas when brainstorming about inventions.

Parent University #3 - School Safety, will be held on Monday, Nov. 14, from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the

Chatham Fire Station on Depot Road. Members of the Monomoy Regional School District Crisis Team include teachers, administrators, members of the fire department, and the police department. This team will meet with families to review the school safety plans for Chatham Elementary School. Join School Resource Officer Sgt. Massey, FD Captain David DePasquale, Firefighter Justin Tavano, Dr. Millen, and other members of the team in the seminar room at the fire department for this forum.

Harwich Elementary School

Student council invited students and staff to “dress up” as their favorite sea/land creature, sports team/player, famous person, superhero, food item or theme to celebrate 18,150 Fintastic observed acts of Respectful, Responsible, Safe and Ready To Learn actions at HES! "High five” to everyone for their display of creativity, individualism and grade level unity throughout the building.

Our fourth grade student council meets monthly after school to brainstorm ideas and make recommendations to the administration on how to make each year as memorable for students, staff and the school community as possible. They will also learn about having a voice as students and practice aspects of student governance. Similar to our state and federal government structure, each fourth grade class voted representatives to the council who they felt would best represent their class and the student body. When initiative are started, they will take the lead, visiting classrooms, soliciting feedback and ideas while supporting events as needed.

Monomoy Regional High School

Monomoy Regional recognized as high performance school. The Massachusetts Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) saved the taxpayers $1,077,900 off of the construction project. In reality, participating in MA CHPS will save the taxpayers significantly more than this over the long haul. The project provides financial incentives to projects to choose design factors that are more costly in the short-term but more efficient and cost-saving in the long-term. A real world and easily accessible example of this is that one requirement was to have the district adopt a policy to only purchase Energy Star efficient appliances. So, the appliances used in the food service areas are Energy Star rated – they cost a little more to buy, up front, but help the district's budget for years to come.

In addition to the MA CHPS, the district received rebates from Cape Light Compact and National Grid for another $600,000, which is split nearly evenly between the construction project and the Massachusetts School Building Authority.

This week, students in Ms. Picariello's marine science class boarded the Albatross fishing/research vessel and headed out of Sesuit Harbor in Dennis. On board, students put the finishing touches on the ocean drifters that they built in the classroom and then deployed them in several locations. Attached to these drifters are sophisticated tracking devices that will allow us to track their location and movement in an effort to better understand the currents in Cape Cod Bay. The purpose of this study is to correlate ocean currents to recent sea turtle strandings on Cape Cod beaches over the past few winters. As part of this project, students will be working directly with scientists at the Audubon’s Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary to gather data over the next few months. Special thanks to Mrs. Bell from the Audubon as well as Captain Chip and his crew for allowing us the opportunity to get out on the water!

MRHS's Annual Senior Citizen Community Thanksgiving Dinner will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 15, at 4 p.m. in the cafeteria. Harwich and Chatham senior citizens are invited; the dinner is limited to 100 people. RSVP to Angie Chilaka at 508-815-5837 or