Letters to the Editor, Oct. 20

Surprised By Trump Support


I was not surprised when no one stood outside the community center with signs in support of Trump during the primary elections in March. I thought that was a good sign. But I was surprised when the votes were counted and 528 citizens of Chatham had voted for Trump. I hope now with just a few weeks left before the November election of the next president of the United States, those 528 voters will have realized what a mistake it would be to elect Trump to the highest office in the land. The bar has been set so low, and the negatives so high for this candidate, who can barely be called a Republican, I fear for our future if this scam artist is successful. Let him have his brand, continue to pretend to be successful and live his unreal reality show. But please let us not suffer his grandiloquence any longer. Trump is a megalomaniac, a sexual predator and he is a dangerous fraud.

Judith S. Winters

North Chatham


Supports Forest For Commissioner


Smart planning, adequate funding, and economic development are what we need in Barnstable County, and electing Mark Forest as our Barnstable County Commissioner on Nov. 8 will give us a leader qualified in all three areas. During his 26 years as a staff member in Congressional offices and his time as Provincetown’s town manager, Mark Forest was involved in municipal planning, securing funding, and promoting economic growth. Mark will use his planning experience to meet our regional goals for clean and healthy oceans and drinking water, for preventing addictions, and to create affordable housing and good jobs. Good planning saves money and heartache. Mark also has experience accessing grants as well as state and local funding. He will work to balance county budgets by eliminating waste and inefficiency while maintaining quality services. Mark helped secure financing for the MacMillan Wharf project in Provincetown, the Shining Sea Bike Path in Falmouth, and helped get the federal government to create new health clinics on the Cape for our Veterans.

Mark Forest has worked with cities and towns on public works projects and municipal redevelopment projects. As the chair of the Cape Cod Conservation District, Mark has extensive knowledge about coastal restoration, fisheries and other environmental issues. Mark knows there’s a future for Cape economic development in ocean research and technology, shellfish aquaculture, and small businesses. He will work to bring more state and federal dollars to the Cape for the infrastructure needed to attract those businesses.

As a Massachusetts state representative from 1997-2007, I had the opportunity to work with Mark on various projects in my district. He always responded to my questions with clear and timely information. He has a rich background working on issues that face us on the Cape, and I am pleased that we have the opportunity to elect a leader for Barnstable County with Mark Forest’s qualifications and work ethic.

Kathleen Teahan


Beaty Has Strong Experience


Down ticket races never get the publicity that the top of the ticket does.   So many voters just pick the name at the top alphabetically, vote by nationality or blank it because they don't know what the position is all about and they have no clue who these candidates are.  Voters in Barnstable County on Nov. 8 will be voting for a county commissioner.  Ron Beaty is running for that position.  Ron is a long-time regional community activist on numerous local and regional issues related to county government, Cape Cod Commission, regional wastewater problems, county budget and county restructuring proposals.   Ron has the experience to bring to the county commission.  

Mary Lou Daxland



No New Sheriff In Town

Like many voters, I am sick and tired of all the negative energy around this year’s election.  I really can’t find myself voting for Clinton or Trump, but the choice for sheriff is an easy one.  Sheriff James Cummings is a former state police detective and has served us very well for the last 18 years as our sheriff.  His challenger has run a sloppy and insulting campaign.  Cape Codders have an experienced and successful law enforcement executive in charge of the sheriff’s office. We have exactly who we need as sheriff.  On Nov. 8, even if you don’t want to vote for Trump or Clinton, that’s OK, but please go to the polls and vote to reelect Sheriff Cummings.

Adam G. Chaprales


Pancakes Help Scholarship Fund


Recently, the Chatham-Nauset Lions Club conducted a highly successful pancake breakfast at the historic Old Sea Pines Inn in Brewster. Almost 160 people attended and we raised about $900 for our scholarship program. This was made possible due to the support of the Academy of Performing Arts, Chatham Village Market, Friends’ Marketplace Orleans, Shaw’s Star Market of Orleans and Harwich, Stop & Shop of Orleans and Harwich and especially the Old Sea Pines Inn of Brewster.

Their generosity helps us to provide scholarships to graduating seniors from Cape Cod Tech, Monomoy and Nauset Regional High Schools. It is a pleasure to write this letter and send out a roar of thanks from our club to these businesses.

Al Williams

Chatham-Nauset Lions Club


Helpful Movie Review

Regarding James Cole's review of “Girl On A Train.” Kudos! I did not plan on seeing the movie because I read the book and felt just as Cole did. How this boring,  uninteresting, and self-indulgent book got published, never mind made into a movie, is beyond me. Though I was ready to chuck it early on I finished reading hoping the hype around it would soon be justified. It never happened.

Keep up the good work, James.

Mary Ann Jones

West Harwich


Will Common Sense Prevail?


The Oct. 13 editorial to appoint a committee to select a site for a new senior center makes sense. To paraphrase an old poem, “Now common sense is very rare, and the town hall needs a portion there.”

Juliet R. Bernstein


 Exemption Could Stop Skydiving

As a regular visitor to your lovely town, I haven’t been able to avoid the controversy over the danger and public nuisance of skydiving.  And I have noted your board of selectmen’s unwise support of this dangerous and noisome problem.  But I also happily discovered that your board has a simple solution without costing tons of money.  It’s called a “22i exemption.”
The town may, in fact, prohibit any type of aeronautical use if such action is necessary for the safe operation of the airport, including its effect upon the town.  If the exemption is upheld, which it clearly should be, the airport will continue to receive FAA capital funding while prohibiting that type of aeronautical use.
The issues in Chatham are primarily safety, but also nuisance.  For example, there’s no control tower and only a single runway.  Any proposed parachute landing area is unsuitable.  Chatham is, by FAA definition, a congested area.  Weather is more extreme than at other locations where skydiving is allowed.  Those areas have large amounts of open area around them. And there’s a large amount of water in and around your town. Not to mention the fact that many residents can’t enjoy the peaceful use of their own homes!
So Chatham can make a strong case for a 22i exemption. There is extensive research by the FAA on minimum requirements for skydive safety that Chatham airport cannot meet.  Your selectmen and its lawyers need to follow up on this 22i exemption immediately and save the town a great deal of money and anguish.

William Babcock

Long Beach, Calif.


Dangers Of Legalized Pot

There is a huge lobbying effort to legalize marijuana because certain business entrepreneurs stand to gain a lot of money. The major problem we face is insufficient scientific research on the effects of marijuana on our or our children’s brains. In Massachusetts where medical marijuana was legalized three years ago, the effect of even this limited legalization of marijuana is unknown. In Colorado since legalization and increased adult and adolescent use, no research is forthcoming.

As a child and adolescent psychiatrist, I have seen the ill effects among young people whom I have treated:

The a-motivational syndrome in which pot smoking leads to losing the drive to succeed in academic work, sports and other areas of endeavor. Youth hallucinating and needing hospitalization with a marijuana psychosis. Driving skills adversely effected for 24 hours or more after being high on pot. The dangers of driving “high” are hard to prove since there is no simple test for marijuana as there is for alcohol.

Our society needs to decriminalize marijuana and focus instead on evidence-based treatment and research into the short- and long-term effects of cannabis. We already have evidence that heavy use of marijuana in adolescence is associated with increased incidence and worsened course of psychotic, mood and anxiety disorders. Education of the public on the harmful effects of marijuana on adolescents is essential before any rush to legalize this potentially harmful substance.

Margaret E Tompsett MD
West Chatham

Raffle Directly Supports Kids


The Harwich PTO is currently in the midst of its biggest fundraiser of the year – our annual Calendar Raffle! Students have sold hundreds of tickets and prizes are drawn each day in October. The money raised directly supports the students of Harwich Elementary School, including purchasing books and materials for teachers, bringing in special speakers, hosting free community events and more. We want to thank the many businesses that supported this year’s fundraiser: Cape Sea Grille, Red Nun Dennis Port, Trader Joe's Hyannis, Handmade Signs by Shannon Reeves, Cape Cod Museum of Natural History, Cape Cloth, Caroline's Hair Studio, Mill Stores, Hy-Line Cruises, Oasis Salon and Day Spa, Ember Coal Fire Pizza and Wings, Cape Air/Nantucket Airlines, Harwich Mariners, Old Sturbridge Village, Massachusetts, Ruggie's Breakfast and Lunch, Sol Spa, The Port, Michelle Terry/Bodystrong Fitness Chatham, Thonus North Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning, Mobile Electronics Studio, Personal Training by Jill Brown, New England Gardens, Island Queen, The Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod, Chatham Bars Inn, and Walt Disney World! We are incredibly thankful to these businesses for their generous donations!!

Joy Jordan, co-president

Harwich PTO