Sun Shines Down On Sublime Chatham Harbor Run

By: Kat Szmit

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Runners get under way at the start of the 37th annual Chatham Harbor Run on Sunday. Kat Szmit Photo.  For more race photos, visit

CHATHAM ─ Sunday is a day that many in Chatham will long remember. It marked the first time that the steady rhythm of running feet beat across the Mitchell River Bridge since it recently reopened, heralding the return of the Chatham Harbor Run.

After kicking off at noon from atop Crowell Road near Monomoy Middle School, runners and 5K walkers made their way along courses that took them through scenic Chatham, including over the newly completed bridge, which offered water views and a refreshing breeze.

Jimmy Grant of Missoula, Mont. was the overall winner of the 37th annual event, and the first male runner to cross the finish line with a time of 33:41, with summer resident Austin Lent the first Chatham man to finish the race in fifth place overall with a time of 40:40. Following close behind Lent in sixth place, and the race's first female runner, was Tia Acetta of Tucson, Ariz., who posted a time of 40:54.

While the weather was certainly warm, runners and race director Larry Belliveau dubbed the return of the annual event a success.


Chatham Harbor Run Top Five 10K Finishers

1. Jimmy Grant, Missoula, Mont.
2. William McGovirn, South Dennis
3. Kevin Vallez, Ellington, Conn.
4. Randy Acetta, Tuscon, Ariz.
5. Austin Lent, Chatham

Chatham Harbor Run 10K Top Age Group Winners

Men 1-12: William Bittinger, Dover
Men 13-19: William McGovirn, South Dennis
Men 20-29: Austin Lent, Chatham
Men 30-39: Stephen Malloy, Fort Washington, Pa.
Men 40-49: Kevin Vallez, Ellington, Conn.
Men 50-59: Randy Acetta, Tuscon, Ariz.
Men 60-69: Thomas Cugno, Dennisport
Men 70-79: Ted Gallagher, Chatham
Men 80-98: Larry Cole, Harwich

Women 1-12: Kinsely Jacobs, Freeville
Women 13-19: Lucy Matzilevich, Framingham
Women 20-29: Katie Kummerer, Willowbrook, Ill.
Women 30-39: Juliette Kenny, Andover
Women 40-49: Mandy Plante, Austin, Texas
Women 50-59: Fiona Dearon, Pannal, N.Y.
Women 60-69: Kit Boucher, Eastham
Women 70-79: Antonia Asa-Thomas, Saranac Lake, N.Y.

Chatham Harbor Run Top Five 5K Walk Finishers

1. Bill Dalrymple, Hyannis
2. Lb Koss, Winchester
3. Audrey Forman, Chatham
4. Caroline Koch, Chatham
5. Hailey Jacobs, Freeville

Chatham Harbor Run 5K Walk Top Age Group Winners

Men 1-12: Liam Jurinski, Tampa, Fla.
Men 13-19: Timothy Jurinski, Tampa, Fla.
Men 30-39: Jesse Goldstein, San Francisco, Calif.
Men 50-59: Lb Koss, Winchester
Men 60-69: Francis Dattalo, West Chatham
Men 70-79: George Nemeth, Harwich
Men 80-98: Bill Horrocks, Chatham

Women 1-12: Audrey Forman, Chatham
Women 13-19: Caroline Gray, Dover
Women 20-29: Mackenna Koss, Winchester
Women 30-39: Sunny Noh, San Francisco, Calif.
Women 40-49: Jennifer Hyora, Brewster
Women 50-59: Meg Fleming, West Barnstable
Women 60-69: Deb Tenney, South Dennis
Women 70-79: Alice Ash, Wellfleet
Women 80-98: Mal Ward, Chatham