Letters To The Editor, June 30

It's All In The Details


Riding around the roads off Queen Anne Road in East Harwich presents many questions and certainly tests the safety of drivers! Detours abound with seemingly no reason as to where barriers are placed and inexcusable lines of traffic abound with no officer details to exercise safety and caution.
When experiencing one of these numerous delays I called the Harwich Police dispatcher and she said there was only one detail available and hoped drivers would exhibit patience and courtesy.

With summer traffic in full gear, seemingly random detours and "one detail," I ask is the concern for safety? A financial issue? Or something else?
Only a few months ago when solar panels were being installed at the Harwich Transfer Station there were two officers "on duty" at the top of the drive that lead to unloading TVs and brush. How come two officers are at that corner and none available on Route 39 and Oak Street? And please do not say the Solar Company paid for that detail because I am sure that cost was factored into the bid, so Harwich residents are being assessed for those two officers, yet there are no police details placed for safety at dangerous intersections coupled with the acute increase in summer population. Go figure...

Donna Richardson



Thanks For The Memory

As we hit the longest day of the year, I have a short story to share about how much I appreciate Chatham and the access residents and non-residents alike have to not only beautiful shoreline, but beautiful parks as well. On Monday, June 20 in the evening after dinner, my son asked to play some Frisbee at the beach. We drove down to Harding’s Beach, but it was too windy, and he asked if we could go to Volunteer Park. We drove over, and it was much less windy, so we threw the Frisbee around on the large, grassy, well-kept field. It was almost 8 p.m., and the fading sun’s beams still provided a beautiful light across the field while a light breeze periodically rustled the trees bordering the park. As I threw the Frisbee back and forth with my son, I thought of myself at his age (third grade). The end of school is near, and I remembered at that time being 9, playing outside until the sun set and the night grew. The air was fresh, it was beautiful. I had to smile. I said to myself “this is life.” I felt young, like a third grader throwing a Frisbee with his friend. The town of Chatham helped to provide that moment to me. Just wanted to say thanks.

George Khalil

South Chatham


It's A Valid Vote


Along with other writers from Harwich who have written letters to the editor, I too agree that the selectmen must follow the will of the people in the vote that was taken concerning the plan to sell the middle school.

This property is an ideal location for senior housing; it is near stores, the village, the fire and police station, library, and other activities in Harwich.

I understand there is a five-year waiting list for some of our qualified seniors to be able to live in the present senior housing that is available in Harwich.

Selectmen should not be able to determine that a vote taken is not valid due to the number of voters participating. I too begin to wonder if the vote was not in accord to the selectmen's choice.

Let's all speak up on this sensitive issue.

Louise Archambault

Harwich Port


Get To Know Candidates


In the letter in The Chronicle this past week referred to the  lack of transparency and  qualifications of Julian Cyr for the Senate seat being vacated  by Senator Dan Wolf, the writer spoke of Sheila Lyons, a Barnstable County Commissioner as being eminently qualified as commissioner and transparent.  I had not met either candidate until Cyr canvassed in Chatham on Friday, June 23, although I had voted for Sheila  Lyons both times.  The only information about her was on her blog, with several items about her apology for saying she was happy about Justice Scalia’s death.  Whatever her opinion, I was shocked to read that a public official would make such a statement.

When I looked at the blog of Julian Cyr I found much information about his interests and concerns and      think he is a good candidate. Though young – and I feel we  need someone young in the Senate – he is a graduate of New York University’s Wagner Research  Institute, which educates and prepares future public leaders.  Named for Richard Wagner, the father and son, it has been in  existence since 1938. Wagner Sr. was  U.S. Senator from New York for several terms, known for his progressive ideas and acts.  The son served as three-term mayor of New York City during my younger days living in New York.

Cyr, from Truro, was born and went to school on Cape Cod, a graduate of Nauset Regional High School.  Though he worked in the Patrick and the Obama administrations, it does not mean that he is a bureaucrat. I believe he told me he had worked on environmental and health issues.  He does think the Pilgrim power plant should be  closed.  While he expresses concern for young people and our diverse population, small business and the environment, he says nothing about the elderly,  who are more than 50 percent of the population(at least in Orleans and Chatham) and provide much in jobs and add to the economy. I suggested he do so.

Yes, it is important to know the candidates before voting, and not when you are in the voting booth.  I would urge that all voters check out both candidates before they vote.  I have voted in every election since I was 21, the voting age before it was changed to 18 in the Twenty-Sixth Amendment (next to the last  in our Constitution).

Juliet R. Bernstein