Letters to the Editor, July 27

Airport Critic Silenced By Board


Paula Lofgren had been a dedicated, hardworking, thoughtful, well-prepared Chatham Airport Commissioner for three years.  She persistently represented the town’s residents and airport abutters' point of view on the commission that seldom voiced that perspective. She was recently denied reappointment by the board of selectmen.

So now there are three pilots on the commission that only requires one by law.  And the outspoken, inquisitive Mrs. Lofgren has been silenced. 

What happened to the long-standing tradition of reappointing dedicated volunteers who wished to continue their service, as Mrs. Lofgren did?

What message is the board of selectman sending to town residents who are considering civic service?  Is it that if you seek clarity, transparency, and openness as part of your service you will not be reappointed? Or is it that the town officials do not value the perspective of residents and airport abutters on the airport commission? Or both?

Mrs. Lofgren brought changes to the airport commission, such as regular discussions of airport finances and self-sustainability; conversations on the town’s return on investment on one of its largest assets; an on-line Fly Friendly brochure for pilots using CQX; maintaining a mutually respectful relationship with the community; and an awareness of environmental stewardship for the nearby water, land and air.

 Thank you for your service, Paula.  Your honesty and openness will be missed by many.

Jane Wilson


Fears Cape League Going Political


There is nothing like sitting in a beach chair by Whitehouse fFeld, watching the sun set behind the collegiate players. Cape Cod natives and visitors alike have enjoyed this truly unique atmosphere since the Cape Cod Baseball League's founding in 1885. I fear, though, that twitter may lead fans to no longer feel such an easy connection with the Harwich Mariners. Certain "likes" the account has recently engaged in could polarize their fan base.
The official Harwich Mariners Twitter account has turned political, liking tweets which said, "If Chelsea Clinton were asked to hold the seat for her mother, as her mother gave our country away, the Fake News would say CHELSEA FOR PRES!" (Donald J. Trump) and "Pelosi Claims Repeal Obamacare Will Kill 100K Nancy Supports Abortion, Killed 700K babies a year! #RepealObamacare” (@immigrants4trump).
There is something so inherently American about the Cape Cod Baseball League and its ability to unify a small peninsula. Baseball is America’s pastime. It brought us together, created a sense of camaraderie and offered hope, even if the Red Sox had to wait 84 years to break the Curse of the Bambino. I fear that the unity baseball once offered us as Americans will be lost if the game, too, becomes polarized.

Alison Donovan



Disputes Harwich Farmer's Statement


I write today to clarify a statement made by Mr. Viprino in the edited version of the e-edition last week regarding a statement he made about reaching out to me on many occasions to communicate about his farm. Let me be very clear about this. There has not been one attempt by Mr. Viprino to communicate with me, a direct abutter to his property (unless you would call a dead headless plucked chicken at the foot of my driveway communication). In fact, when I tried to attend a public hearing with the DEP and town representatives at the farm regarding the wetland violations, I was informed that I had to leave the property because I was trespassing. I have not had a conversation, an email, or a phone call from Mr. Viprino. I received one form letter via certified mail in February which notified me of a hearing in front of the conservation commission, which he was required by law to send. I am surprised that The Chronicle would print such a statement without verification. Mr. Viprino is a master at placing the blame for his problems as a result of his violations on everyone else but himself. My complaints will end when he is in compliance of the regulations put forth by the town and state.

Audrey Greenway


 Harwich A Place Of Acceptance


I was so saddened to read the July 12 Letter to the Editor by Marilyn Schlansky about the racism encountered at a lakeside beach here in Harwich.
My husband and I live on Bank Street near the Bank Street Beach. Our mixed race family has never encountered such racism in the 40 years that we have owned our house.

The Cape in the summer has always been an oasis for our family, while in other communities, that has not always the case!
Our children were nurtured by the former Harwich Junior Theater, now the Cape Cod Theater Company. The loving atmosphere, whether acting, building sets, or doing skits on Bank Street Beach has created lasting friendships. These 7 and 8 year old "kids" are all in their 40s now with children of their own. Every Fourth of July they get together and recently our son Ron had his HJT friends here on our deck for an annual picnic, a tradition that goes back many years. Let's hear it for Harwich, it can be a place of loving acceptance.


Pamela Chatterton-Purdy

Harwich Port


Letter Unnecessarily Political


The July 13 Chronicle arrived this week at my Connecticut address with the “Hatred Comes to Harwich” letter from Marilyn Schlansky.  The incident was shameful and not the Harwich I know after enjoying our Harwich home these last 26 years.  Sadly, the human condition is different in each one of us.

Mrs. Schlansky links the unfortunate incident to a man wearing a red Trump hat.  She ends her letter with another shot at the red Trump hat.  This couple learned their ways long before possibly voting for Trump.  Mrs. Schlansky and her family encountered intolerant people.  

Turning her letter so political (jobs, visas, New Yorker cover) seems unnecessary and very political on her part.  

Cathy Lavaty

Greenwich, Conn.


Fortunate To Live In Harwich


Harwich Women's Club recently sponsored a fundraiser at Cranberry Valley Golf Course to send children to summer camp and for scholarships for college-bound high school students. Our success was due to the generosity of many. Thanks go out to Roman Greer, our pro. His assistant, Dick Fagan,, Ron Sieger of the Hot Stove at Cranberry Valley and the ladies who manned the fourth hole. A special thanks to the many golfers who participated in the event. It's wonderful to live in a community that so willingly supports efforts to assist the less fortunate. We are so fortunate to live in a community that sports events such as this. Thank you, Harwich.

Joan Garrity
Harwich Women's Club


Something Rotten In Harwich


There’s something really rotten in Harwich!

An emaciated, hairless coyote was seen by me and some neighbors a number of times next to my vegetable garden in the broad daylight and on the adjacent bike path as well as on their properties. Most of us know that wild animals only come out in the dim light or darkness.  So any skin and bones animal out in daylight can only signify some sort of disease, distress, and perhaps, imminent death.

The Harwich Animal Control officer was contacted a couple of weeks ago by a neighbor.  I phoned in my worries last week.  The resident of my rental house reported it to me last night. I told animal control that a child lives on my property and multiple children reside next door.  I was emailed back saying that they could do nothing about the diseased coyote unless I could show that it was truly dying.

Here’s the issue in short terms: At least three times animal control has been contacted about this coyote.  The neighbor says he has seen it for three weeks, reported it,  and animal control said they could not do anything unless he could prove that the animal was actively dying. It would take a quick bullet to the head to put this skin and bones creature at peace.  I recently put my dog to sleep, at considerable expense, at a vet’s office since he was suffering.  Never mind that that broke my heart, yet I knew I was doing the kindest thing I could for him.  But the town of Harwich cannot put a wild suffering animal at peace?

What is wrong with this picture?  We are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars of our taxpayers money in various projects, and millions more in the near future for wastewater issues, yet we allow the animal control officer to dictate whether or not our children and grandchildren, including those of people on the bike path, including tourists, should be vulnerable to wild animal attacks when the problem has been reported to them multiple times?  Something is truly rotten in Harwich.

Anne Stewart



Set Criteria For Wearing Flag


I wonder if my neighbors on the Cape are as upset as I am as I view the perpetual cast of political characters that appear regularly on TV arguing that they must eliminate Obamacare, reverse regulations and pander to lobbyists, devoid of morality or ethics, while wearing an American flag pin on their lapel. 

A corrupt Congress – both parties – creating programs that undermine American values and reduce benefits for many of the poor, while prancing around wearing our flag to suggest that somehow they are working for the common good.

I propose a constitutional amendment prohibiting the wearing of an American flag by any elected official, unless that person served honorably in uniform. If enacted, it would give voters a chance to support politicians who already have vowed to support the constitution, and who already have lived successfully in a disciplined environment in support of our country.

Let's clean up Washington's swamp the right way. Bring in those who served their country honorably in uniform and let them find ways to clean things up! Right now it is not working. Too many phonies wrapping themselves in the flag with no evidence that they served it, other than getting enough votes to ascend into office. Not a criteria to wear our flag!

Tom Johnson

Harwich Port


Women Senators Protect AHC


It takes a woman, in this case,   three women: Susan Collins of Maine,  Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, and Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia, three senators who doomed the repeal of The Affordable Health Care Act.  Interestingly enough, the proposal put forth  by the Senate leadership was by men in a somewhat secret gathering with no public hearings.

Senator Capito of West Virginia, where there is a serious problem with opioids and  which has  the nation’s highest rate of death from overdose, said, “I did not come to Washington to hurt people.” Repealing the Act would create confusion. Senator Murkowski of Alaska said that Alaskans are so far apart that it would be difficult for her constituents to get health care.  She was one of two Senators voting against confirmation of Betsy de Vos for secretary of education, affirming that school choice was not  a viable alternative for Alaskans.  And Susan Collins, the most liberal Republican in the Senate, said cutting Medicaid in Maine would be devastating, going after the “most vulnerable” in a state where individual coverage has gone from 30,000 to 80,000.

All three women think Republicans should work with Democrats to improve the Health Care Act, not repeal it.  For 12 years the Republicans have tried to take “the right  of health care” away from the American people, so different from most of the  industrial countries in the world.  Shame on us!

Juliet R. Bernstein