Letters to the Editor, July 6

Newspaper Connects Students, Environment


This year, fifth grade students at Monomoy Regional Middle School immersed themselves in the newly created grade five Earth and Human Activity Project. Throughout the school year, students studied the impact of humans on the Earth and identified related problems and possible solutions to them. Students engaged in educational field experiences, hands-on, in-school presentations, and ongoing research. Thanks to the generosity of The Cape Cod Chronicle, this year students were able to research local environmental concerns through digital and print access to The Chronicle. Throughout the spring, students eagerly anticipated each issue, excitedly searching the newspaper for the latest environmental news, and were also able to use their Chromebooks to search issues for specific areas of interest. Because of The Chronicle’s generosity, students were able to meaningfully connect what they had learned all year to their own community and this understanding greatly enriched their learning experience.

On behalf of our young researchers, I extend an enormous thank you to The Cape Cod Chronicle for their generous support of our Monomoy fifth grade students!

Catherine Kane

Fifth Grade Science and ELA Teacher

Monomoy Regional Middle School


Sign Infringes On Tranquility


I recently took a visitor from out of state to the labyrinth in Chatham, having described it as a place of meditation and inspiration. I was stunned to see that the first thing you see as you come down the hill from the windmill is a sign on the building adjacent to the property saying "TRUMP" in large letters. If memory serves me, the mill was restored with community preservation funds and the labyrinth was sponsored by many donors for the benefit of all who visit. I hope whoever is responsible for this political intrusion on this special place will realize it is not appropriate, regardless of political persuasion, and restore the universal tranquility the community intended for this special place.

John Sweeney

South Chatham


Police Program Is Very Reassuring

I hope the seniors of Chatham appreciate the wonderful “Reassurance” program provided by the police. Recently I have been unable to “call in” at the appointed time (phone problems). Each time an officer has appeared at my door – polite, concerned, helpful and with a quick follow-through.

Marge Witherell