Introducing The Mid-Week Blog

Things have changed for weekly papers over the past few years. Not only are independent community papers like The Chronicle few and far between, but the way we gather, report and publish the news has changed as well.

Our weekly cycle used to consist of a Tuesday deadline, publication on Thursday, and that was it. Today we still maintain those two touchstones, but thanks to the internet and social media, when news happens, we report it, no matter what day of the week.

And yet, we are still at heart a weekly, and that weekly schedule will always exert ultimate control over what we do. While breaking news can be reported and disseminated in an instant, most of the content of the paper still revolves around that weekly schedule. For us, each week begins on a Thursday, as we get ready for the next publication.

That makes the middle of the week somewhere around Sunday or Monday. As we know from the Weekend Update email we put out each Sunday, by our mid-week, readers are ready for more news.

To satisfy this and to provide additional fresh content to our website, we're launching two new initiatives. The first is an emphasis on breaking news and news shorts that happen prior to our weekly deadline. These include announcements for weekend events, accident and storm coverage and breaking news. Some, like traffic accidents, may not even make the weekly paper, but if they cause traffic delays or road closures, it's important to get the info out in a timely manner, and having it prominently on our website will augment notifications we currently put out on Twitter and Facebook.

Second, we're starting what we call “The Mid-Week Blog.” This will be published on our website Sunday or Monday (our mid-week), and rotate among our staff members. There's no set topic – it could be news, opinion, criticism, almost anything, but like the rest of the paper, our goal will be to keep it local.

Visit our website regularly for short news updates, and watch for The Mid-Week Blog next week under the Opinion section on the front page. And as always, we welcome and appreciate your feedback. Contact me at