School News, April 13, 2017

By: Cape Cod Chronicle

Topics: Monomoy Regional School District , Education , Monomoy Regional High School

The MRHS Interact Club hosted the Rotarians from Chatham and Harwich recently. They served hors d'oeuvres, gave tours of the school, shared a meal made by Ms. Freitas, and helped with clean up after the event. Thank you for showing your Shark Pride and sharing Monomoy with our special guests. Students present were Peter Casey, Cam Coomber, Celia Cota, David Howell, Cam Carlson, Mariah Benoit, Lindsey MacDonald, Abby Tyldsley, and Caraline Labelle.

Chatham Elementary School

Third Graders Study Water Table

Ranger Barbara from the National Seashore taught the third graders about the water table, how pollution impacts our water, and how pollution can be cleaned up. The third graders had models in which they made ponds, added food coloring (for “pollution"), watched how the "pollution" drained into the water table, and then worked to clean up their models and replace the polluted water with clean water. She shared suggestions on ways that we can all help to keep our water clean.

Monomoy Regional High School

You Are Important

Our saying at Monomoy Regional High School is "We are a Home Away from Home" and we truly believe our school is like a family. Our theme this year to emphasize that we are all part of this family is "You Are Important." We talk about it regularly. As a staff we decided that we wanted to show our students that we cared about each and every one of them. So, our talented administrative assistants set to work making giant cards for each of our 615 students with their picture on it, making sure we included all students. Then the entire staff was invited to take the cards and write one special/positive thing about each student in our school.

When the cards were finished a group of students, staff and administrators volunteered to hang them all up on our giant wall outside the auditorium to surprise the students when they came to school the next day.

Students were extremely excited and surprised the next day when they showed up to the newly decorated wall. Massive groups of students huddled around the pictures looking for their own and their friends. They took pictures of their card to send to parents, they joked with friends and tried to guess which teacher wrote such nice things about them. It became a place to hang out and connect, just as we had hoped. We hope people will connect while reading the heartfelt compliments and take the time to learn each other's names. We also hope our guests will visit the wall to get to know our students. Just one more small step in uniting our school family!

STE Bright Lights

Every month, science, technology and engineering (STE) students are selected by their teachers to be acknowledged for their commitment to learning. The "STE Bright Lights" to be recognized during the month of March are: eighth grade, Miles Boyle; ninth grade, Julie Slade; 10th grade, Caroline Davock; 11th grade, Julia Messinger; 12th grade, Madison Welchman.

Women Making A Difference

Monomoy Regional High School students from art club, National Art Honor Society, honors advanced ceramics, Young Women's Club, and the student body at large under faculty members Carol Trull, Kwon Faith, Rachel Barnes and Zac Gill's guidance have submitted essays, original ceramic, and graphic artwork depicting "Women Making a Difference" in their own lives or throughout history, as part of a competition sponsored by the Women's Club of Chatham. Each art submission has been accompanied by a short artist's statement. MRHS students' artwork will be displayed at the Creative Arts Center in Chatham, along with CAC student artwork for the whole month of April. First, second, third prizes will be announced during a reception at the CAC on Sunday, April 2 from 4 to 5 p.m. The Creative Arts Center will award each participant a $25 gift certificate for art supplies or towards framing costs. Students will also have the opportunity to take a class at the Creative Arts Center this summer, tuition free. Prize monies for essays and artwork will be awarded at the April 13 Women's Club of Chatham year-end meeting, from noon to 2 p.m. at the Chatham Community Center, along with this year's WCC community grant recipients. All students, their parents, and MRHS faculty members are invited to attend.

Preparing For NEASC Visit

The school is in the process of preparing for the 2018 NEASC (New England Association of Schools and Colleges) visit. A major component of this process is for MRHS to develop a set of Core Values, Beliefs and 21st Century Learning Expectations. This calls for community input scheduled for a school council meeting on Monday, April 10 in the library at MRHS at 4:45 pm. The meeting is open to the entire community to weigh in on these important cornerstones that will guide the school moving forward. The school council is a core representative group and a great place to do this. Part of the agenda is to review the NEASC process and then have a mini workshop on a draft our students and staff have designed to allow f\feedback and input from the community. A component for surveying the entire student body, staff and school community called the Endicott Survey will also be shared.

Officer Visitors Journalism Class

A shout out to Officer Tommy Clarke for visiting the journalism class to listen to crime articles and provided advice about what a good investigative reporter would ask, look for, and write about. Then he shared real true crime stories from Harwich and the lower Cape. Students took notes and have chosen the story about which they want to write a whole article. Thanks Officer Clarke for giving up your time!

Youth Risk Behavior Survey Information Night

On April 26 at 6:30 p.m. in the high school auditorium, peer leaders will be presenting the results of the Youth Risk Behavior Survey taken by students in grades seven to 12 this past November. There are many positive trends seen in the data that will be shared, including the fact that Monomoy student use of tobacco, marijuana, and alcohol continues to track downward and is well below the state average. There are also areas where improvements can be made: 18 percent students in grades seven to 12 report watch three or more hours of TV daily, and 14 percent of students report playing three or more hours of video games each day. What the Youth Risk Behavior Survey didn’t capture in its questions was how much time kids spend on Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media.

Malone Lauded

Congratulations to Mr. John Malone for receiving the Joao Rodrigues "Distinguished Service Award."

Mr. Malone received this award at a special banquet held by the Massachusetts Secondary Schools Athletic Directors Association (MSSADA) for his service to the MRHS school community. Mr. Malone has been a staunch advocate of the athletic programs and has been an active leader in the concession stand project.

STAND Pilgrimage

MRHS STAND made another pilgrimage to Washington, D.C. March 25 to 27 to learn about genocide and mass atrocities and to lobby our legislators. In addition to a conference with STAND national leaders, we were able to visit the United States Holocaust Museum, the new National Museum of African American History and Culture, and other museums and monuments before spending a day on Capitol Hill discussing human rights issues with Rep. Keating and the staffs of Sens. Warren and Markey.

Key Club Attends Conference

The Monomoy Key Club attended the 68th annual Key Club District Educational Conference (DECON) Friday, March 31 to Sunday, April 2 in Springfield. DECON is an annual gathering of Key Clubbers from all over New England to celebrate the closing of the service year and the start of a new one. Over the weekend, Key Clubbers attended workshops, participated in group events, voted for their next executive board, and received recognition for what their club has accomplished throughout the service year. The Monomoy Key Club was chartered in June 2016 and therefore did not have a full service year, so this was a great opportunity to learn more about Key Club as a whole, as well as some great ideas for service projects. The Monomoy Key Club received the Early Bird Award for paying our club dues early! The whole experience was a great way for the new club members to see what other clubs in the district are doing and gain perspective on how our hard work helps our communities, children, families, and anyone else in need. A shark shout out to our students who attended the conference who conducted themselves in a professional manner and were enthusiastic throughout the long weekend: Cesca Barr, Grace Boyle, Miles Boyle, Perry Comeau, Grace Drake, Lily MacAskill, Tori McCormack, Emma Norcott, Lizzy Pandiscio, Liam Prescott, Shannon Smith, Abby Sullivan, and Matt Veary. Another shark shout out to Ms. Police for helping Ms. Kelly chaperone the weekend event!