Topics: Senior issues

Senior Times: Gail Harding: Girl Power Mentor Extraordinaire

By: Jennifer Sexton-Riley

Retired teacher Gail Harding of Harwich is far from finished with an aspect of her working life which she still holds dear: working with young girls and helping to strengthen and empower them mentally, emotionally and physically. Through her role as a mentor in the after-school program Girl Power, held weekly for six weeks at the Harwich Community Center, Harding enjoys working with third and fourth grade girl...

Senior Page: Rev. Edmund Robinson: Calm In Tempestuous Times

By: Jennifer Sexton-Riley

The job of a minister always involves counseling people and helping them through the challenges that life brings, both large and small. In the most pleasant and placid of times, it is a task which requires great listening skills, patience, understanding and an open mind. In times of upheaval and uncertainty, the minister's job can go from lighthouse in a storm to lighthouse, lifeboat and lifeguard all in one. ...