Letters to the Editor, Feb. 23

Responds To 'Whopper' Allegations


I was at the very same meeting of the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Mr. Leavitt attended, and I'm "incredulous" over his derisive/erroneous characterization of it in the Feb. 9 Chronicle.

The "whoppers" according to Mr Leavitt:

1. Fact: The West Chatham Roadway Project's original application had an estimated projected cost of $1.5 million in June 2011. It's now projected at $4.3 million. This doesn't include final design or land takings which could be in the millions. 

2. Fact: I asked if the project was going to  take two vs. four seasons. The response from  MPO was they "do not know," important data that will affect business owners/residents/tourism and should already be known in order to determine projected costs.

3. Fact: The MPO confirmed a five-year MassDOT temporary easement is required.  No one ever said five years of construction. But it begs the question why easements are needed for that long. 

4. Fact: It was long ago confirmed by the state and local police/traffic safety that by their criteria this corridor has no speed/accident problem, with a MassDOT "needs score" of 3.9 on a 10-point scale. 

5. Fact:There is no "group led by Seth Taylor." Those in attendance  have been involved since the beginning, none inclined to be “led” by anyone. 

6. The only “misleading, alternative facts, incredulous faces, and embarrassment" are for Mr. Leavitt's inane letter and his "whoppers."

Elaine Gibbs



Donations Help Local Kids


The teachers and students of Monomoy Regional High School would like to thank the wonderful Art of Charity organization for their generous donations this year.  Just last week, our students enjoyed the talents and energy of Tara Murphy and the African Dance and Drum troupe of Cape Cod in our celebration of Black History Month.  Coming up in May, the Shakespeare Now company will perform "Romeo and Juliet" in our auditorium all thanks to the Art of Charity.  To all the wonderful people and businesses who support the Art of Charity, know that you are serving young people who deserve and need exposure to the arts.  We can't thank you all enough.

Lisa Forte-Doyle

Monomoy Regional High School


W. Chatham Roadway Unsafe


Everybody knows that the stretch of Route 28 through West Chatham is unsafe. In the winter, making a left turn onto Route 28 from Barn Hill Road or from George Ryder Road is dangerous. In the summer, it is suicidal. Is there anybody who likes it this way? I think it's nuts.

Joan Drury



Time To Consider Overpass?


Just a random thought: Virginia has West Virginia, Indiana has French Lick, and Chatham has West Chatham. Maybe we need an overpass!

Rita Malloy