Tim Roper

Tim Roper first came to our attention back in 2003 as the man behind the Crap Cod Chronicle. The satirical newsletter parodied Chatham's people and events – and us. It was clever, funny and pulled no punches. We loved it.

After observing and commenting on town politics from the sidelines, Mr. Roper decided to take a more direct approach in 2010 and ran for the board of selectmen. In a four-person race for two seats, he came in second, besting an incumbent and another challenger. Clearly, voters felt his fiscally conservative approach was what the town needed at the time. In his six years on the board, we didn't always agree with Mr. Roper. In fact it would be fair to say that we disagreed more often than not; however, we never doubted that he had the best interests of the town at heart.

Mr. Roper, who died this past weekend at 65, gave much more to the community than six years on the board of selectmen. He turned his skills in marketing and fundraising to help the Chatham Orpheum Theater become a reality, and also composed the organization's always entertaining newsletters and fundraising mailings. He was a patron of local businesses and assiduously attended just about every Chatham fundraising event and benefit. His wit may have been sharp, but as his friend Sean Summers noted, his heart was big. His is a loss that the community will feel deeply.